Laser Services


Spectra Laser Peel 

This is an ideal treatment for oily skin and enlarged pores. There is no recovery time and results are immediate. Very popular in Asia and Europe. Read more… 

Erbium Laser Peel 

Partial Skin Resurfacing 

(fine wrinkles around lips and eyes)

Erase fine lines and wrinkles, troublesome brown spots and improve skin texture for a more youthful appearance.  

Full Face Skin Resurfacing 

This is a mildly ablative procedure that resurfaces skin removing blemishes, benign lesions as well as acne scars. The results are remarkable; however there is a recovery time of 7 to 10 days.

Nonablative Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) 

Photorejuvenation erases skin damage without disrupting the skin’s surface and simultaneously treats a wide range of facial problems to improve the texture and complexion of the skin. Smoother skin, smaller pore size and fading of sun spots will be seen. Rosacea, a common vascular problem, will show significant improvement. 5 treatments are generally recommended for optimal results.

Laser Removal of Skin Lesions 

We treat all pigmented lesions, unwanted vessels, spider veins and more.

Laser Removal of Hypertrophic Scars

We treat all thick scars caused by trauma or previous surgery. Laser treatment will lesson the scar and make it much more aesthetically pleasing.

Acne Scarring Resurfacing 

Deep acne scars can be removed with 1 to 4 treatments. Read more…

Laser Vascular/Pigmented Lesions Removal 

We treat all pigmented lesions, unwanted vessels, spider veins and more. Read more…

Laser Tattoo Removal 

We have over 10 years experience in removing tattoos of all colors. Great results at very reasonable prices. Read more…

Laser Hair Removal

We are able to treat all skin colors and hair textures. Enjoy dramatic hair reduction in 4 to 8 sessions. Read more…

Other Fillers We Offer:

  • Fractionated C02


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